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As an arts organisation focused on visual arts and craft, our vision is centered around driving innovation through customized skill development opportunities, exhibitions, arts education and events whilst offering access to market opportunities for our artists and offering psycho-social support for women using art as a medium. We do this by bringing people together; supporting great art; developing artists and audiences and driving innovation. There is a great need for job creation amongst women, youth and people with disability within the creative sector hence our services and programmes offer to assist with income generation opportunities. Our current strategic plan was developed after identifying an opportunity in the market and realising where we can make a significant impact in the lives of artists, local economy, the respective communities and tourism. We pride ourselves on our organisational culture that is based on honesty, integrity, accountability and fun.​

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To create an inclusive and enjoyable creative space– one that promotes, supports and develops interest and enthusiasm for the arts and culture and that is advantageous for all those involved and the communities they live in.


Home is where the art is

We hope to position our artists to become financially independent and empower the broader community,” says Infini3. During the one-day art …

Digital Creativity meets Art

 This is an artistic program that will feature 30 artists (10 visual, 10 poets/spoken and 10 digital artists) Objectives of the program: – Ignite creative and innovative thinking .

Workshop combines arts, entrepreneurship

Local arts organisation Infini3 calls on all poets, visual and digital artists, to apply for an opportunity that could elevate their careers …

Local artist exhibits at Fortune event

Infini3’s Roxanne Konco expressed pride for the international recognition of one of their artists on such a big scale.


Free State DIGITAL CREATIVE FEST 4IR is the next wave of industrialism and with this movement we aim to offer innovative ways to connect art with digital. We are talking photography, internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence…

Digital Creative Fest - 3D virtual

This festival is a Visual Art & Augmented Reality project of INFINI3, funded by the National Arts Council of South Africa, which showcases collaborative …

Technology brings art to life

Owner of Infini3 Roxanne Konco says the festival focuses on how the virus has impacted people’s lives. “Digital exhibitions can help preserve artworks that …

Exhibition celebrating children's art

She further told Bloemfontein Courant that, The Harvest is more than … gladly email her on prozoe66@gmail.com or beatrice@infini3.co.za.

Bfn to be transformed into 'Selfie World'

Bloemfontein residents are in for a treat this as Infini3 is set to host Selfie World on 28 and 29 May at the Upper Retail Level (Value co …

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